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Accommodation Bookings

Please note: the information you provide is for the purposes of this booking only and will not be shared with any other organisation. We respect your privacy.

If you are a Craigieburn member, please ensure you have entered your CV membership number, first name, and last name. If you have paid your subscription and completed your work party days you will qualify for Privileged member rates. If you have just paid your subscription or just completed your work party days, please allow a week for our records to be updated.

If you are booking a Family or Private Room please enter adults first and then any U13, U18 or students. This will ensure your accommodation costs are calculated correctly.

Please contact us if your member details appear incorrect.

You must present your Affiliate Club ID to the ticket office to confirm your entitlement

If you pre-purchase your tow passes, your booking will qualify for a package deal discount on accommodation and tow passes!

We require you to either email us with a copy of your student ID, or bring it with you to the ski field.


If there are additional guests for this booking, please add them before proceeding.

If you wish to attach your booking to an existing booking, please enter the name of a guest from that booking as a person you would like to stay with.